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  • Newly molded Ellowyne Wilde head
  • New RTB-101 fashion body of hard plastic/vinyl with 15 points of articulation
  • Lace dress with satin slip
  • Velvet wrap coat
  • Stockings
  • Bead and chain necklace
  • Strappy sandals
  • Acrylic stand
  • LE 150

The party wasn’t going to be all that dressy and she really didn’t want to go in any event.  There’ll be too many people she thought.  It was Rufus who changed her mind.  “Wear whatever you want”, he said to her’ “but I really want you to come with me.”  Ellowyne had always had difficulty saying no to Rufus—he was always so sweet.  So, with resolve, up to her room she went and into her extremely crowded closet.  She felt ever so wistful—and what do you wear when you feel like that?  Nothing else would do.  Ellowyne reached for her sleeveless rose lace dress.  It would be perfect with her rose velvet wrap coat.  Throw on a bunch of jewelry and she’d be ready.  As she put the outfit together, she started to feel better.  Rufus was right.  She should dress how she wants and she’ll feel more comfortable at the party.  

When Rufus arrived to pick her up, Ellowyne looked just stunning.  Her long, rooted saran hair was perfectly undone and hung around her shoulders.  “Wow,” he said.  “You look great, my Wistful Rose!”

RTB-101 Body Measurements:

Bust - 7 1/4", Waist - 4 7/8", Hip at Top Joint - 6 1/2", Hip at widest part of thigh - 7 1/4", Waist to Knee - 5 1/8", Waist to Floor - 10 3/8", Divot to Waist - 3 1/4", Shoulder Across Back - 3 1/4", Arm to Wrist Joint - 5", Overall - 16 1/2"

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