Ryan Roche

Phyn & Areo is proud to present the Ryan Roche Miniature Mannequin Doll Collection.  Ryan Roche’s full size work has been featured extensively in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and WWD,  and is sold only through the finest retailers in the country. Subtle, feminine shades and luxurious textures are inherent to each collection and tell the poetic story of the distinct sensibility in which it is rooted.

Now, for the first time, exacting miniaturized replications of her designs are available for the doll collecting community!  Every Ryan Roche mannequin outfit is designed to represent the look and feel of the exquisite work of renowned designer Ryan Roche.  Extremely limited, every RR cashmere outfit is made by a woman’s co-operative in Nepal with the same yarns and colors that Ryan uses in her collection;  Ryan oversees the production of the prototypes to her exacting specifications.