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  • New Ellowyne Wilde molded head
  • New RTB-101 fashion body of hard plastic/vinyl with 15 points of articulation
  • Multi-colored petticoat/skirt
  • Dusty khaki cotton pull over dress with elastic neckline
  • Multi-colored sash
  • Green stockings
  • Multi-colored bead necklace
  • Boots
  • Multi-colored bracelet (not shown)
  • Acrylic stand
  • LE 150

Ellowyne just didn’t know what to think.  She was coming back and hadn’t seen her dear friends in ever so long.  What should she wear to make a good impression? She knows she’s changed—would they even recognize her?  “Well,” she thought “I just won’t think about that now.”  She set to work to pull together her outfit.  The dress was easy.  She had this wonderful khaki ruffle dress with matching lace pieced together—it was full and comfortable and she could wear it off the shoulder if she wanted.  At the same shop she had purchased another dress made out of fabric she loved but she didn’t so much love the style.  With the a few snips of the scissors and a little work with  the sewing machine, she made a full petticoat and a matching tie belt. She put the dress on and immediately decided it was perfect.  Well, that was easier than she thought it would be.  Matching stockings and boots are just the right thing.  Oh!  Mothers handmade glass bead necklace and bracelet to top it off.  Her rooted auburn saran hair in beach waves added just the right amount of romance to the look.  “But still”, she thought, “will they remember me?”

RTB-101 Body Measurements:

Bust - 7 1/4", Waist - 4 7/8", Hip at Top Joint - 6 1/2", Hip at widest part of thigh - 7 1/4", Waist to Knee - 5 1/8", Waist to Floor - 10 3/8", Divot to Waist - 3 1/4", Shoulder Across Back - 3 1/4", Arm to Wrist Joint - 5", Overall - 16 1/2"

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