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Nancy Ann Abbott

Nancy Ann Abbott

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UFDC Meal Event Exclusive Companion

2018 UFDC Convention

Phoenix, Arizona

LE 75

Nancy Ann Abbott, an aspiring actress and a talented doll designer began her career with a flourish.  Dressing small dolls as gifts for friends and family as a hobby soon became a full-time career.  Our Nancy Ann Abbott is ready to party in the late 1930’s in this sequined gown in deep peach.  The gown has a halter neck line with an oversized flower at the nape of the neck to add more than a bit of drama! The dress ties at the back of the neck with a satin ribbon and is fully lined.  Nancy Ann 16" (RTB-101 body) wears strappy sandals in a lovely glazed peach faux leather, panty hose and, of course, large rhinestone earrings.   Her rooted saran hair is neatly coiffed in a tasteful updo to offset those long applied lashes showcasing her pale blue eyes--she’s every bit the Hollywood ingénue.   It’s the late thirties and she’ll need to socialize now, because her future is full on doll making!

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