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Lila Doll Face - shipping First Quarter 2018

Lila Doll Face - shipping First Quarter 2018

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Now Available for Pre-Order - shipping First Quarter 2018!

Doll Face (aka Lila) is an all resin ball-jointed doll capturing in exquisite detail all the quirks and uniqueness that make up the ball-jointed Witch Hunter in the comic.  Standing 18” high and made of the finest quality resin, Doll Face has 16 points of articulation.  As with many BJDs, Doll Face has eyes (16mm) that are easily changed for a multitude of unique looks.  Doll Face (or Lila) has hand painted features that, during her crazy adventures, can be somewhat hidden by her two tone, pink and lilac size 7/8 wig.  The wig is made of fine acrylic fiber that can be combed and styled.

And, of course, Doll Face wouldn’t be Doll Face without her iconic black and white satin baby-doll dress, her pretty pink panties, white knee-high stockings and Mary-Jane shoes.  All in all, she’s perfectly dressed to kick some Witch butt!  LE100

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