Let's Collaborate!

I’ve been creating doll art- sculpting, designing and painting since the mid-eighties.  During that time, I’ve seen extremely creative artists take the foundation of what we do (the doll sculpt) and transform it into his/her own work of art.  Since Phyn & Areo is a new entity and it’s all about The New Art of Doll Making, I want to try a new approach to designing a doll—with YOU.

I have just finished, what I think, is the one of the most stunning fashion doll bodies I’ve ever done.  I am also working on brand new head sculpts for this fashion body.  And here’s what I would like to do:  I want to work with artists and designers who would like to take this new doll and style her as they would like.   If selected, the resulting doll would be manufactured with full name credit to the designer and sold thru Phyn & Areo. 

So, are you a designer/stylist and don’t have the resources or interest in manufacturing but would love to see your doll produced as a collectible?  Sometime this summer, we will request submissions (portfolio, sketches, etc.) from those who wish to have their design for the new doll considered.   Become a part of The New Art of Dollmaking!!