Ladybug Nancy Ann
Lady Bug

Ladybug Nancy Ann

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Ladybug Nancy Ann

Sculpted by the amazing Artist Dianna Effner, this little “beetle” also known as a Ladybug, definitely has all her spots!   

As you may know, should a Ladybug land on your finger OR should she come home and share some space with you, she will surely bring you some “Luck” – simply the cutest little imp isn’t she?!  Pouty lips and full cheeks and dark rich brown eyes to draw you close.  Nancy Ann is all dressed up as a Lady Bug wearing a black one piece jumpsuit which makes the perfect base for her faux suede wings!  The wings are hand beaded with jet beads and have ribbon flower trim.  

Nancy Ann wears black shoes and of course she has black antennae made of jet beads and paper roses!  Nancy Ann stands six inches tall and is made of the finest bisque porcelain with hand painted features and a light blonde “mohair” wig parted a bit to the side and filled full of curls.  She also comes with her gold foil wrist tag and perfect fit doll stand.

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