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  • Outfit only
  • Black fishnet t-shirt
  • Multi colored sequined tank
  • Tiered multi-color metallic print skirt
  • Black lace knit tights
  • Black lace up ankle boots
  • Item shown is a prototype. Final production item may vary in appearance.
  • LE 75

Annora Monet Kaleidoscope Outfit

Annora woke up to a 20’s vibe and, of course, had to dress appropriately. Some may say that she’s a bit overdressed to do the weekly grocery shopping but nonetheless, this is what she wore.

She started with a vintage black fishnet tee, which she loved but rarely wore, but she just felt this might be the day when she figured out the perfect outfit for it. The metallic print skirt seemed like the right match, but what in the world could she use to pull the two together? That’s when the quirky sequined tank caught her eye and she wondered if it would work but once she slipped it on she knew it not only worked but it was perfect!

What a fun way to jazz up an otherwise mundane type of day. Next, she grabbed her go-to finish for an outfit like this—her black lace knit tights and her all-time favorite lace up ankle boots.

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