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Lights! Camera! Action! Whispers of her name settle over the room before she enters-- "Kadira! Kadira! Is it true?..."

She is the attraction of mystery-- a beautiful woman dripping with luxury and a spellbinding quality that makes everyone around her want more. She is simultaneously the tragic heroine, ingenue, and fashionista-- always spotlit and ready for her closeup-- and no matter what she gives to the performance, the truth that comes through is what shines. 

Today, when one's life is available with a click or a swipe, Kadira is the muse who leaves you wanting more. She walks the line between the light and the dark, letting you in but keeping you in the dark. 

Why was she seen fleeing the ball in tears? Where does she come from and what does she want? We don't know, but we will all wait with bated breath until we know more.  

Kadira is the Arabic world for "Powerful Woman". She is a 13" articulated resin ball jointed fashion doll created by Andrew Yang and sculpted by Robert Tonner in the first artist collaboration of Phyn & Aero. 

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