Frill Thrill - Outfit Only

Frill Thrill - Outfit Only

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  • Black strapless taffeta dress
  • Black tulle and stain petticoat
  • White dotted mesh top
  • Black velvet sash/bowtie
  • Nude and black lace stockings
  • Black short boots
  • Faux pearl necklace
  • Fits the RTB-101 vinyl and hard plastic body
  • LE 100

Frill Thrill

All right.  So, I had this black strapless dress that I’ve always loved—it’s taffeta—and it had been spending way too much time in my closet.   I threw it on and I still love the fit, but it needed something—after all, I was going to dinner at his house!  That’s when I may have gone a bit overboard.  I have this wonderful crinoline in black taffeta with a tulle ruffle, so I put it on, but the dress still looked bare so then I tried black lace stockings.  I loved those but the outfit seemed a bit too “girly” (nothing wrong with that but not for this dinner) so then I put on some black short pleather boots. Still liking the look but it seemed a bit off balance, so I added this sheer, dotted net ruffled blouse.  I looked in the mirror and thought I had just overdone it.  So, I did what I normally do and added more!  I put on my faux pearl necklace and wrapped the whole look up in a black velvet bow at my waist.  And that was it.  I was ready to go.

Item shown is a prototype and may change during production.

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