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"Free Radical"

"Free Radical"

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  • Resin ball-jointed doll with 19 points of articulation (double jointed at elbow and knee)
  • Jet black crop removable wig
  • Eye color
  • Creamy white lace and chiffon blouse
  • Black micro-pleated double-tier skirt trimmed with black velvet ribbon
  • Printed satin coat in a graphic rose pattern
  • Black lace tights
  • Faux leather open front boots
  • LE 50

Annora is a 16” ball-jointed doll (BJD) made of the finest, hand cast resin.  Annora has 19 joints so that she can pose in countless ways.  Annora’s face-up is unique to this look: stunning sunny yellow eye shadow and dramatic coral lips.  Annora is wearing a jet black, removable wig cropped into a 20’s inspired bob.  Known for her exotic ways of putting an outfit together, Annora doesn’t disappoint with her Free Radical ensemble.  She wears a blouse of creamy white lace and chiffon paired with a micro-pleated double-tier skirt trimmed in black velvet ribbon.  Over this outfit (although, she really wouldn’t need anything over it) she wears a printed satin coat in a graphic rose pattern.  The coat has a portrait collar and cropped sleeved (to see those beautiful lace cuffs) and is fastened with a black satin bow.  Black lace tights and faux leather open front boots are just the right finishing touch.

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