Forget Me Not Nancy Ann
Forget Me Not Nancy Ann

Forget Me Not Nancy Ann

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Forget Me Not Nancy Ann

Who could forget this little charmer?  Made of the finest bisque porcelain and only six inches tall, Nancy Ann is wearing a stunning little dress of cotton organdy with a brocade ribbon top.  As a bit of a surprise, she wears silk stripe pantaloons all trimmed with the tiniest lace.  A silk striped hat embellished with flowers and ribbon sits on the top of a fine wig of red mohair styled perfectly with thick curls.  Look ever-so close to see the sweetest detail in the trim around her dress – “Forget Me Not” all the way around.  She wears navy blue shoes and of course, has her gold foil wrist tag and perfect fit doll stand.  Sculpted by Dianna Effner in her classic style, pouty lips, and chubby little cheeks an expression sure to please the doll lover in you!

What a beautiful little Rhyme – for those of you story book lovers…did you know it’s all about a Flower!  

Read a bit below, then see if you can find the rest…

There is a sweet, a lovely flower,
Tinged deep with faith’s unchanging hue,
Pure as the ether in its hour
Of loveliest and serenest blue

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