Drop Dead Red Evangeline Ghastly

Drop Dead Red Evangeline Ghastly

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  • New specially molded Evangeline Ghastly head
  • New RTB-101 fashion body of hard plastic/vinyl with 15 points of articulation
  • Red Velvet dress
  • Lace shawl/train with tassels
  • Velvet gauntlets with tassels
  • Pantyhose
  • Beaded necklace
  • Headpiece
  • Vinyl boots with lace overlay
  • Acrylic stand
  • LE 175

“I’ve such a headache!  The last thing I remember is lying down to take a nap—something I find infinitely helpful.  However, this time seemed different.  When I woke, I felt, well—just strange.  And, I think I look not quite the same.  Of course it could be the mirror; she’s always playing tricks on me.  But no time to dwell on it.  I must get ready for dinner.  Mort’s coming over and I must look my best.  Let’s see.  What shall I wear?  I did just receive a package from the dress shop—it was a red gown.  Yes—a beautiful red gown with a velvet mermaid skirt and a glorious sleeveless lace bodice with an attached tie at the hip.  But my  favorite part is the oversized tassels hanging off a textural braid trim—in fact, I loved the tassels so much, I added them to my hair, and gauntlets!  I’ll do my hair piled high on my head and I have the perfect silk flowers to work with the tassel.  The red crystal necklace will be perfect!  Now, let me think…..shoes…..no, boots!  My red lace and pleather boots should be perfect!”

RTB-101 Body Measurements:

Bust - 7 1/4", Waist - 4 7/8", Hip at Top Joint - 6 1/2", Hip at widest part of thigh - 7 1/4", Waist to Knee - 5 1/8", Waist to Floor - 10 3/8", Divot to Waist - 3 1/4", Shoulder Across Back - 3 1/4", Arm to Wrist Joint - 5", Overall - 16 1/2"

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