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Disguise - Pale

Disguise - Pale

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Dresden, Monte Carlo, New Orleans, or Shanghai, another city, another rainstorm - even though others constantly surround her, Kadira can’t help but feel alone. The best way she can escape from the world around her is to disappear into her own wardrobe. At first, she emerges in the green trench coat, her feelings hidden by black sunglasses, powerful and in control, and when she finds refuge in the hotel lobby, she sheds her dark chartreuse skin to reveal a soft and glimmering copper pleated skirt with a deep purple blouse.

But wherever Kadira goes, whispers, and inevitably, cameras follow - and with the cameras, come questions. She must make one last escape, so she shimmies out of her skirt and reveals that her blouse is actually a shift dress, and so transforms from elegant woman to youthful beauty, forever on the run.

The Pale Edition of Disguise Kadira comes with a Dramatic painted face, green eyes, and an extra long saran black wig.

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