Deluxe Basic
Deluxe Basic

Deluxe Basic

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  • Resin ball-jointed doll with 19 points of articulation (double jointed at elbow and knee)
  • Long black saran removable wig with bangs
  • Second head with face up has removable wig red with black undertones, cropped with bangs
  • CC-10 Chestnut brown eyes
  • Third set GR-01 Dark blue eyes
  • Soft yellow satin slip with pleated demi-skirt and silk floral trim
  • Matching knit strip over-the-knee stockings
  • Gold silk shoes slides with silk floral trim
  • Item shown is a prototype. Final production item may vary in appearance.
  • LE 75

Deluxe Basic

Annora has a habit of changing her look with every mood.   Being an artist from a long line of artists, she tends to use her face as a canvas and she knows it will be a good day if she can look completely different than she did the day before.  

Every Wednesday, Annora meets her best friend, Bardet, for coffee with no tech allowed.  They have a lot to discuss today, but how, oh how, should she look?  She usually dresses her moods, but today she couldn’t quite pin down how she felt.  So first, she tried on her long black wig.  She loved this wig—black as night with a glossy sheen.  The best way to wear this wig she sometimes felt, was to pull up the sides so that’s what she tried.  Hmmm.  Maybe this isn’t the day—perhaps some color?  

The next wig she tried was a crop cut—a standard for her, but unique in that it has bright red undertones.  Of course, she tried many different make-up looks to go with the wigs and settled with the ones she thought worked best (she’ll leave the final selection up to you).  One of her favorite things was to  wear a vintage inspired slip of the softest yellow with a pleated chiffon demi-skirt.  Right at the waist are the most delightful silk floral-type trim.  She kept her feet cozy with gold satin slides (again with silk floral trim) over pale yellow striped over-the-knee stockings.

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