American Beauty Cape - Outfit Only

American Beauty Cape - Outfit Only

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  • Red knit cape
  • Fits the RTB-101 vinyl and hard plastic body
  • LE 50

American Beauty Cape

OMG!  She found it!  My Aunt showed me a picture of this fantastic cape she wore to the Movie premier—she looked amazing (truth be told, that was many years ago and she still look amazing!).  You know she gave me the spectacularly beautiful red lace dress, but she didn’t know where the cape was.  I don’t know where she found it, but she’s giving that to me too!  Yea!  It’s this luxe knitted cape, in the same gorgeous red with tons of ruffles—sounds overwhelming, but really it’s not.  It goes perfectly with the dress—I’m just so excited, I can’t speak!

Item shown is a prototype and may change during production.

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