About Us

Why Phyn & Aero exists:

We create for those who appreciate exquisite design transformed into objects they love and treasure, just as we do.  Understanding that yearning and having the freedom and ability to present our vision of those objects to you is our mission.

Who works here:

We're assembling a diverse and highly talented design team which includes Andrew Yang, all of whom bring their own unique concepts and styles for us to offer.  Backing them up are production and distribution teams with a wealth of experience, insuring both well executed product and timely and efficient delivery. Overseeing and guiding all is Robert Tonner. #roberttonner

Where it all happens:

The amazing and spectacular Hudson Valley is our home.  Just 90 miles north of Manhattan, the Hudson Valley is historically significant (Kingston was the first capital of New York State) and considered one of the most beautiful places in the entire United States.  We have the ultimate combination of easy access to one of the greatest cities in the world as well as small town charm. #hudsonvalley

What we offer:

Phyn & Aero bring to you a concise assortment of figures ranging in personality and style from the eccentric to the sublime.  Constantly striving to discover and utilize the most cutting edge methods and technologies, we strive to offer you fascinating characters that beguile and insinuate themselves into your life.